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Those Shimmering Lies

the musings of a music-loving liberal

The American Girl Who Likes Wearing Berets
26 March 1979
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Swagbucks.com is a "search and win" website that actually does work. Earn SwagBucks by searching the web through swagbucks.com (or d/l the toolbar, it's easier, plus you get a SwagBuck every day for having the TB anyway), doing special offers, finding codes, or referring people (but not anyone who lives in the same house you do, it's against the rules). As of this writing I've already earned over $100 in Amazon gift cards from them, which, along with GCs from another GPT site I used, was enough to get me a new Wii and a game as well. They do NOT ask for any credit card information, and they do NOT email you unless you want them to. It's absolutely free to join, and it really does work. Web of Trust gives swagbucks.com an Excellent rating, btw, and they have over 200,000 fans on their Facebook page ( http://facebook.com/swagbucks ) and last time I checked, over 60,000 Twitter followers ( http://twitter.com/swagbucks ) Sign up here: http://swagbucks.com/refer/mysticalchicken

I would do a bio, but I'm too fucking boring.

Currently attempting to learn Dutch on livemocha.com. Key word here: attempting.

You know what's awesome? When people buy me shit.

I deleted all specific bands from my interests because I like too many bands.
94.7 fm, air emergency, alt-country, alternative country, alternative music, alternative rock, alton brown, animal crossing, anime, anti-bush, anti-war, art, artists, astronomy, astrophysics, atheism, augusten burroughs, avatar: the last airbender, bands, bettie serveert, birds, blues, books, bookstores, british accents, british humour, brunchma, buffalo exchange, buttered popcorn, calvin and hobbes, cats, cheese, chocolate, christopher eccleston, classic literature, coffee, comedy, concerts, converse, dancing, david sedaris, david tennant, dead like me, democrats, dinosaurs, discovery channel, doctor who, dogs, donnie darko, drawing, dutch language, eddie izzard, elliott smith, everyday music, feminism, films, foamy the squirrel, german language, get fuzzy, glasses, good books, good eats, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, history, honesty, house md, hugh laurie, indie, indie electronica, indie movies, indie music, indie rock, inuyasha, irish punk, janeane garofalo, joking, jon stewart, kathleen hanna, l.m. montgomery, lady gaga, last.fm, le tigre, lewis black, liberal politics, liberalism, literature, lost, loud music, movies, mst3k, music, music millennium, myspace, mythbusters, napping, neil gaiman, neko case, oregon, pacific northwest, pacifism, pandora.com, parody, pdx, pearls before swine, physics, portland, powell's, powell's books, powells, punk music, questionable content, rain, reading, retro, sarcasm, satire, sci-fi, science, science fiction, scrubs, shopping, singing, sleep, sokka, south park, spring, starry nights, stephen colbert, storm and the balls, storm large, swagbucks, the colbert report, the daily show, the legend of zelda, toph bei fong, tri-met, vintage, wit, writing, xkcd


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